Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Eve 2013

I spent the NYE of 2013 with my favorite person in all the world. And my two favorite cats. A and I decided to have a calm celebration, cook some nice food and hang out at home. We cooked for four hours and in the end we ate some really tasty food and watched fireworks. It was perfect.

My handsome co-chef

I put on a white and sparkly headband and a new dress, a Christmas-gift from my dad.

Starter: Soup made of Jerusalem artichoke, with Serrano-ham and some apple puree
Main course: Tenderloin with potatoes and mushrooms marinated in red wine

Hugo was a little bit afraid of all the noises from outside (people started way to early with the fireworks and firecrackers) so he resided under the comfy chair all night.

After the main course we took a walk to the bridge to get a good view over all the fireworks. It was rainy and cold but really spectacular. We had a 360 view over Stavanger and the area around and there were fireworks everywhere!


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