Tuesday, 7 January 2014

on the top of my head

so today I had an interesting experience...

About four months ago I talked to my doctor about a birthmark I have, I wanted to know if I could remove it. She referred me to a skin-doctor and today was my appointment. I didn't really have any expectations on this meeting, I figured I would consult with this person whether I could remove the dot without leaving a big scar or not - it's on my scalp and a bald spot isn't something I long for. Or, I should say: it was on my scalp - because the doctor had a look, assured me that the scar would be less visible then the mark itself, and then we went from the examination room into another room, I got to lay down and then there was the local anesthesia (that sounds so serious, is that the correct term?) and then he cut it away. Just like that! I've been wanting to remove this darned spot for 15 years, and it took 15 minutes, tops! Oh well.
But that was not the end of it. After paying about 400 NOK (an ok price, I guess?) I left and called a taxi to get to work. And then I started to feel faint. And dizzy. And sick. And my legs didn't want to work, and I really really felt like just lying down. So I walked, slowly and with a lot of stops, back to the waiting-room and got the attention of a nurse. I was so close to passing out or throwing up, and I have no idea why! The nurse said something about it possibly being a reaction to the local anesthesia, or just from stress, but I wasn't stressed. I was a bit surprised about everything happening so unceremoniously, but I hadn't been very nervous or in any pain. Strange. Anyway, the taxi-driver called and asked where I was (the nurse took the call) and got really pissed off about me not show up, but hey, what can you do. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have appreciated if I had passed out in his car. Anywho, after resting in the waiting-room for a while I called another cab and got to work. End of story, no more drama. Unless you count the drama of what my hair will look like in two days without me being able to wash it. My hair don't do well unwashed... Talking of  which, I'm pretty excited/interested to see how my hair will look when it starts to grow back out. It isn't a big spot, but I'm sure I will have to do some comb-over hairdo when that time comes... Oh joy.

How was your day?

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