Sunday, 26 January 2014

the blue sweater of guilt

I've decided to cut back on my shopping, specifically impulse buying of clothes when I happen to go in to a store and see thing I like on sale. I rarely need any of those things I buy, I only buy them to make a bargain. So from no on I want to be more specific on what I need, think a bit longer and then indulge in things of good quality. And the only times I should do any impulse shopping should be in second hand stores, my guilt about shopping there is far smaller.
All of this sounds very good, but after a day at work where I maybe feel a bit sorry for myself for having so much to do, if I find myself having couple of minutes over in a clothes store, my resolve is far gone. That's what happened last week when I found this sweater, and a couple of other items, on sale. I fell in love with the pretty pattern immediately, and even though I feel like this is something that I might actually wear a lot, I still feel a bit bad about buying it. Maybe this post will serve as a reminder to keep to my plan for the rest of the year? We'll see...

Shirt and sweater H&M, skirt Zara

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