Saturday, 25 January 2014

The boredom and the disapointment

The boredom
So here's another weekend where we haven't made any plans. On Friday, I felt very happy about this fact. I've had a busy week with a lot to do at work, and an unplanned weekend felt like the perfect thing! I could just do all that stuff I didn't have the energy for during the week. You know, painting, cleaning, working out... And sleeping late without feeling any pressure to leave the bed, that awesome! But now the weekend is here, I feel I should have booked in at least one social event, to just get out of the house a bit. Oh well, the weekend isn't over yet. Hopefully E have time to go for a walk tomorrow. And maybe A and I can go to the movies in the evening.

The disappointment: 
Just to get a reason to leave the house today I decided to take the bus out to one of the few second-hand shops we have here in Stavanger, Fretex in Mariero. This is a kind of large shop, that sell both furniture, clothes and just about everything else you might ever need (or not). I didn't have any specific items on my shopping list, expect for finding something to put on the stairwell wall (more on that in a future post) but as soon as I came in the door I found something I just needed to buy! That is, I saw it, I walked around for 2 minutes letting the decision to buy it come to me, and then I got over to the counter and waited in the line. This item that caught my attention was a bike. I have a bike, a bike I bought three years ago, didn't use for a year and then one day decided to use only to realize that someone had stolen both wheels. And since buying new wheels would cost maybe as much as a new bike, I've decided to cut my losses and just buy a new (but used) one. Long story short, this bike at Fretex was everything I've been looking for, it had a handlebar basket, a carrier in the back and it seemed to be in good condition. As I was standing in line with one person in front of me I suddenly got a bit indecisive, and stepped put of the line to call A so he could convince me this was a good idea. I got the necessary support and went back in line, this time behind a lady that took so much time deciding if she really wanted to buy that tea cup, or whatever. Once she had decided and it was my turn I expressed my wishes to buy the bike only to get the answer that it had just been sold - to the lady in front of me! Damn! I was so disappointed, I felt it like a physical reaction, like how it feels when you get really really angry. In those short minutes I had already created a beautiful future for me and the bike in my mind, going on and pick-nicks together with coffee and cookies in the basket, exploring the nature around Stavanger, giving it a nice and sheltered new home in our backyard, maybe adding some flower garlands on the carrier... 

As I was going back home from my unsuccessful shopping trip (well, I did find a small mirror, a cardigan and a flower pot, so it wasn't all bad, but not life changing like the bike would have been) I walked past the tiny lake in the middle of Stavanger, and took some pictures of the birds that hang out here all year round. In a way this cheered me up a bit, mostly because I like animals and birds are cool, but also because in this strong wind and light snowfall looking at these creatures enduring the winter made me happy to go home to my warm house and spend the rest of the weekend indoors in the couch.

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