Saturday, 8 February 2014

a warm house

Yesterday we went to our friends C's housewarming party. We brought the traditional giant plant as a housewarming gift and a bottle of my favorite sweet Riesling (pretty much the only wine I drink). I was wearing one of my best party dresses (from Oasis) and a thrifted bolero.

I was unusually happy with my eye-makeup, but it didn't photograph as well as it looked, in my opinion. And once again - I shouldn't go out in contacts, only my glasses work for me nowadays. Stupid.

It was a fun evening filled with nice conversations with people I meet a lot (E), people I should spend more time with (H) and various new people that I've never met before, but who were pleasant and interesting. C's house is very close to ours, also a plus, and filled with anime-art. Fun!

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