Tuesday, 11 February 2014

about blogging

Not many of my friends read blogs. I read many, and spend quite a lot of time doing so. I also spend some time on this tiny little part of the internet that I call mine. But why? I get this feeling that I should defend my choice of reading blogs and writing one, but I don't really like defending what I do, but I can explain. Isn't it very self-absorbed thinking that what I spend my days doing could ever be of interest of anyone but me or maybe my family? To be honest I started this blog for two reasons, one purely egoistical and one not so much so. The egoistical reason was that I discovered how many inspiring and impressive people that had their own blogs and on most of them you could attach you own blog-address when you commented. That's where the idea was born. I wanted to have a platform where I communicate to these fabulous people, show them a little bit about who I - their reader - was, and maybe they would visit my blog, comment, and from there I could get to know new people with the same interest and points of view as myself. To clarify, this was when we first had moved to Norway and I didn't know that many people in "real life" yet. The second reason I started Magpies at Sunrise was simply to show friends and family back home in Sweden and other places what me and the amazing A where up to. I've never been a big fan of Facebook, and liked the control I got from having my own space.

I read blogs for the same reason most people read magazines, with the added value that I can interact with and get to know the people behind them. I get inspiration for what music to listen to, how to assemble nice outfits, new recipes to try, what film so see and books to read. I also read many blogs where people post their insights in subjects that interest me, such as feminism/equality, recycling/redesign and culture.

If I remember correctly these are the blogs that I started following back in those early days (2009) when I had never read a blog in my life before. I think it all started when I was browsing elle.se and found Elsa. I still follow - and enjoy - all of these.

And why I post in English and not my native language Swedish? Many of the blogs I read have authors that are English-speaking and so are many of my friends here in Norway or back from the time when I lived in Germany.

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