Saturday, 8 February 2014


So today the amazing A and I went with T & E on a shopping spree. (Honestly it was more of an errands run, but I really wanted to try the word "spree" in a post once and it rhymed there, did you notice?) We went to IKEA, another furniture store, the garden center and a grocery store. When we came back home and unpacked I realized that 80 % of the money we'd spent were on stuff for the cats, and not us. Two giant bags of cat-food for Hugo (we have to order Cricket's food online because of her allergies), a new water-bowl they (hopefully) can't turn over, a tray to put the bowls in in case they do turn them over, to prevent (more) water-damages to the kitchen floor, materials for two shelves that will enable the cats to get up to the high placed window over the couch and look out and yes, a new cat toy. We did buy some stuff for the house, for example a new laundry-basket. But when I come to think of it, we only needed to replace our old one because the cats have destroyed it and one of the prerequisites for the new one was that it should be cat friendly...

I don't really know what this says about us. We do love our cats, though.

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