Tuesday, 25 February 2014

crazy eyes

Remember how your parents would tell you not too read in bad lighting or sit whit the book to close to your face, or it would ruin your eyes? Turns out they where right!

Or something. I've mentioned my weird eyes a couple of times before (I turn cross-eyed when I've worked, read or surfed to much on my iPhone) and today I went to see an eye-doctor for the first time. I've seen an optician several times and also did eye-training last year but ended up getting glasses that should help, but don't help enough, so now I decided to get a second opinion.

So, today I stressed to get to the doctors office from work, arrived just on time but very sweaty, and first a nurse and then a doctor tested my eyes. Without asking me pretty much anything first, which I don't like. And they didn't tell me what the test they did was for, which annoyed me even more, and which leads me to the very strange part of this event: The doctor-guy mumbled something about making my pupils larger to be able to take a picture of my eyes, put some kind of liquid on my eyeballs, then some other stuff and then he poked my eyes with a needle. Both of them, right in the middle. Or at least I think it was a needle - I could't see what it was because it was to close and he didn't tell me what he was doing. I couldn't feel anything, more then a little tug. Then he just told me to step out in the waiting room for a while so the anesthetics (?) could do their job. My eyes felt super strange! I couldn't really focus on anything, everything was a bit blurry and I felt a little bit weird... Kind of how you feel after you've been to the dentist, but with your eyes: like it wasn't your eyes in there, but you could still see through them, you know? After a while my pupils were apparently dilated enough, so I had the short photo-session of my eyeballs and got another appointment with a specialist on cross-eyedness, or whatever it's called. And the conclusion that I probably couldn't be helped by eye-surgery and that I most likely need another pair of glasses.

 Luckily I have no problems with having me (or anyone else I guess) poking in my eyes, but still, this was just so strange. My eyes still feels a bit off, and my pupils are still very big. I look like I'm on drugs!

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