Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday top Five: best morning tv-series

Included in my morning routine for weekday morning is time to watch an episode of a good TV-series. I just can't see a better way of starting my days! But I can't just watch any show, it had to be carefully selected based on criteria such length of the episode (30-40 minutes) , level of excitement (semi-high), level of seriousness (semi-low), how invested you get in the plot (not too much to ruin your concentration at work) and how catchy the theme song is (very). Here are my top four choices for morning shows:

1. Eureka
Fun, improbable and happy show about the hidden genius town where anything can - and will - happen! Main character is the town sheriff. Inventive stories and just the right amount of excitement. Happy theme song.

A show about Jess and her three male room-mates, living their lives, making sometimes strange choices and ending up in weird situations. It's fun, you really start liking all of the characters and wishing you were friends with them, plus Jess' has the best outfits. This show makes me smile.

3. Psych
Fake psychic detective Shaun and his best friend Gus solves crimes while annoying the local law-enforcement. Sometimes a little bit too silly, but that's what I need in the morning.

4. Gilmore girls
a Feel-good show if there ever was one. I don't think I really need to describe this one, but the only draw back here is that I've seen all of the episodes and I know how it all ends. And I wasn't thrilled about the ending.

5. Arrested development
This one almost disqualifies for having too short episodes... But anyway, this is show about a highly dysfunctional family and how everyone just keep making their own lives complicated. It's silly, a bit hard to follow at times but there are a bunch of great actors and dialogue.

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