Friday, 28 February 2014

Garden, plan more -pay less

So, as I wrote last week in my garden plan post I've decided that I will aim for a more cohesive look in our small garden this year. But I have also come to the conclusion that I want to do this while not spending a fortune. Past years I have fallen for the temptation at the garden-center to buy several plants and items that I haven't even found a place for yet, only because I liked them then and there. But not this year! I'm going to follow a very strict shopping list with just a few essential things that will help me reach my goal, but otherwise I'm going to use what I have and rather purge than splurge. I have a couple of DIY and decoration projects that I want to try, but I will try to buy as much as possible of the supplies for those second hand and used. I'm also going to grow a lot of plants from seeds that I already have, starting this week...

I've been finding a lot of fantastic inspiration on Pinterest, and I am so excited for spring to come so I can get my hands dirty! I'm going to have the coziest garden in Storhaug! Yay!

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