Tuesday, 4 February 2014

House tour: the study, before and after

I've been procrastinating showing before and after-photos of our house for way to long. It's been almost two years since we bought it, and even though things take time, most of the house is now as much finished as it ever will be. My plan is to post before and after shots room by room in the upcoming months, mainly to show friends and family who haven't visited us yet what we've been up to but also to remind myself that we've made some serious progress here. Also, taking pictures of the house will force me to clean... It's always good to have some extra incentive for that.

First out: the study! This is the smallest room in our house. It's tiny. You could probably fit a bed in here, but then you wouldn't have room to stand up, pretty much. So we turned it into a study. I guess it could have worked a s a closet too, but a study felt more appropriate.


The walls and cieling in here were pretty OK, just plain white, but the carpet was horrid and - as was the case in the entire house - the lists, windows and door was in oiled pine. Yay.

What we did:
  • prime and paint the framing and skirting white
  • prime and paint the door and the window
  • new floor


Wall-mouted storage system, for important and non important documents, fancy magazines and well, stuff we don't know where lse to put.

This is where I sit right now, helloo!

This have turned out to be somewhat of a left-over room, where we put things we don't have room for anywhere else, or items that don' t match the color schemes in the other rooms. Hence: a lot of strong colors... We decided early to keep the room as white as possible when it comes to furniture and let the colorful details speak for themselves. When it comes to furniture the only new thing in this room is the shelving system from IKEA, the rest have followed us from either our old apartment or way back from Sweden.

BTW, sorry about the poor quality of the photos... the light and small size of this rooms makes taking good pictures hard... 

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