Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday, 17th of February

After a really stressful ending of last week (at work) I didn't feel all that hopeful waking up today, but all in all it has been an OK start of the week. Here's what I've picked out as my favorites:

Monday Top Three:

My new hair-color! Well, honestly I colored it yesterday, but it wasn't until today that I could really apriciat the new color. Pretty much the same as I had before, but not so washed and grown out... I used "Casting Crème Gloss - Brown 400" from L'oreal. No, I'm not sponsored, I just realized that I didn't want to spend another 1800-2000 NOK to color it at a salon this time...

Falling asleep on the couch. I do this a lot, and it is such a luxury. Feeling yourself just drifting away, completely relaxed, not having to set an alarm... Fortunately it happened after work today, as a result of me being exhausted after a the night-time territorial war I had with the cats. It is astonishing how much space two (rather large I must admit) cats can take in a king sized bed, while being a sleep.

Fancy dinner and dessert, on a Monday... Me and A will not see a lot of each other this week, first he's going away on a course and then I'm going on a weekend-trip (hooray!!) so we decided to make something special out of this one evening we have together the whole week. I prepared Coq au Riesling (from this recipe) and he the chocolate dessert, and then we ate in front of an episode of Eureka, like the teen-age kids we are at heart...

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