Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tip for the thirsty

I keep returning to my New Year's resolutions a lot this year (so far)! This post is in regards to number 12 on that list - to drink more water. I'm honestly really bad at doing that, I have my morning smoothie and my cup of tea, a couple of cups of coffee at work before lunch, maybe a small glass of water for lunch and then just coffee again until dinner. Judging from my dry skin, light headaches every now and then and waking up thirsty in the mornings I should change something in my behavior... but I don't really like water, except served really cold when I'm really thirsty. So I had to figure out how to make water more appealing... enter: the vitamins

I've been looking for vitamins in this shape (a tablet that you just add to water) for weeks, and couldn't find any. Then E found an extra tube at home and gave it to me. She's a darling! Now I have two large glasses pf water with a tablet after lunch, and I can just feel how this does me all kinds of good. And it's pink and pretty.

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