Tuesday, 4 March 2014

gardening, first session

If you want to have the most beautiful garden in Storhaug you have to start early... The first of March I began by cleaning up, cutting away dead flowers and branches and "building" a simple trellis for the clematis and honeysuckle in the corner of the garden, with the help of some hooks and wires. I also emptied out old soil in some of the big planters and prepared for a new season of happy flowers.

But best of all - had my first seed planting session, both vegetables and flowers. I love this part of gardening, I really find it both exciting and fascinating to see what comes up and what doesn't make it. This year I'm experimenting with artichoke, a tricky one I hear, and later I will try to grow sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke, two of my favorites things to eat.

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