Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This weekend I went on an adventure - a Norway-cruise, called Hurtigruten. True, it was a very well planned and calm adventure, without any unexpected happenings or dramatic challenges, but still an adventure, of sort. That I shared with about 400 senior citizens and some of my best friends.
We only took part of the northernmost part of this cruise, that goes year round along the Norwegian coast. We flew up to Tromsø and got on the ship (called MS Finnmarken) on Friday afternoon and then got off again and flew back home from Kirkenes on Sunday. Short and sweet. Just like me.

Flying up to Tromsø in a propeller plane. I don't like them...
dinner on board!
beautiful Norway
the in-house (or on-ship?) saxophone-player that saluted each new port with wistful music

a sister ship
On Saturday we went on an excursion to Nordkapp. MS Finnmarken landed in the port of Honningsvåg, and then followed a bus-trip with an hilarious french resident that explained about life in this remote place. Unfortunatelly the weather had taken a turn for the wors so we couldn't really see much of this the Northernmost point of Europe (almost...) But we've been there!

We also had time to eat a giant see-food buffet, play "Cards agains Humanity" in the cabin, drink sweet white wine, and maybe best of all: hang out in the outdoor (on deck?) jacuzzi all by ourselves, in the snow. Brilliant!

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