Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday, the 24th of March

After a week of really poor updates on this sad little blog I feel like I'm back, bigger and better than ever! Or at least than for weeks! I've been stressed and in a bad mood for pretty much all of February and March, but I feel that things are looking up.

Monday Top Three:

Waking up early. I know, it sounds bad but I actually felt well rested when I woke up this morning - earlier than I use too, to start of the day with a mini-workout pass in the bedroom. Than I had a nice warm shower, made a tasty smoothie and a nice cup of hot tea to enjoy in front of an episode of House M.D and then I put on a red dress and went to work. Good start of the week.

Spring weather. Today we had clear blur skies and the sun felt really warm. I know weather in spring is unreliable, but this time it really feels like winter might be over...

Problem free work-day. Nothing remarkable happened at work today. Nothing huge, nothing bad, nothing really stressful. I had a good meeting with one of my projects, I delivered some drawings and translated a strategy document. Nothing remarkable, but sweetly stress-free.

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