Tuesday, 25 March 2014


We had another beautiful day here in Stavanger today, and I celebrated with a mango-smoothie in the garden. For an hour or so after work, it was warm enough to only wear a sweater...

Smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1,5 dl frozen mango, 1,5 dl mango&grape juice, 0,5 dl plain yogurt. Makes two servings. 

I inaugurated my "new" skirt that i bought in Oslo a couple of weeks ago today. It's a bit unusual, half pencil-skirt and half pleated skirt, and wholly in wool. I plan to pack it away with my winter-clothes pretty soon, but I hope to get some more use out of it before that. 

Skirt: Thrifted at UFF in Oslo, sweater: old one from H&M

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