Friday, 18 April 2014

Copenhagen: Exhibitions and Museums

This past weekend we got pretty busy visiting a bunch of museums and exhibitions. here's a short summary of what I liked the most!

The Collection of (mostly) Islamic art at Davids Samiling was very extensive, and very hard to photograph, due to the lighting in there. This place is huge, the house itself beautiful, and definitely worth a visit!

At Dansk designmuseum we saw this extensive (and awesome!!!) exhibition with furniture from danish designer Hans J Wegener. I run across his designs all the time at work, but this is the first time I really comprehended how many fabulous chairs (and other pices of furniture) he's responsible for. this is heaven for a Scandinavian retro fan like me...

Our visit to Arken was planned long before this weekend but we hadn't really checked what exhibitions were going to be. We were pleasantly surpiced to see some of Damien Hirst artwork on display. I'm not a huge fan (killing animals for the sake of art, eeee no, thank you) but it was interesting to have seen. 

Then I was way more happy to see another of Arkens current exhibition: the artwork and - above all - the architectural models of Austrian artist and eco-activist Hundterwasser. So inspiring!

This colorful piece by Freddie A Lerche occupied a whole room. Cool.

And I really liked the Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei.

And there I am, reflecting.

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