Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cricket explores

Our two fur-babies are indoor cats. They love looking out of the windows and always pay attention if something happens in the street, but they have never really showed any interest in going outside, something I'm happy about since a future relocation will be easier if we don't have to retrain them into what ever situation we'll be in then... but these past weeks when I've been spending so much time in the garden I've noticed that both of them likes to hang out close to the door when I'm out there. So we decided to have a go with the harness and leash, to see if it might be possible to have them outside but still within our watchful eyes.

Putting on the harness was easy peasy since our cats are the kindest ever, and Cricket didn't even seem to care so much about it or the leash. After getting used to wearing it for a while we opened the door to the backyard...

This is how far Cricket came...

She was out for about two minutes, just standing at the door, and then she returned back to the safety inside. 

Hugo on the other hand...

...didn't want to move at all while wearing the harness. he just stopped moving. Completely.

We'll probably try this again to see if this is something they might get used to. It would be lovely to be able to take them with me outside!

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