Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Holliday

Starting tomorrow I have 5 (yes five!) whole days off from work. This Easter my beloved A will go away on a cross-country ski trip with some friends and even though I'm going to miss him I'm happy he's going to spend some time doing what he likes. And that means that I can spend these five day doing exactly what I want, too! The only risk is that I'll start feeling lonely and just hang out in the couch all Easter, so I made this list, as an inspiration:

Want-to-do list for Easter 2014
  • Do some sewing, mainly mending and altering but I also want to learn how to change a zipper and I want to have a go at sewing a dress...
  • Watch these two movies: The Great Gatsby, and the intouchables
  • Lounge around in the garden and watch things grow, maybe plant something, have a glass of wine on the bench
  • Treat myself to a "home-spa", face-mask, pedicure, the whole shebang 
  • Paint the shelf I've thrifted for the garden and maybe even mount it
  • Sort some photos and blog about all the nice things things I do
  • Paint my nails in funny patterns
  • Play around with some of my new clothes and see if I can put together some inspiring outfits for spring
  • Start on at least two paintings, one portrait and one abstract, both things I want to learn more about 
  • Sleep late and stay up late
  • Go our running, and do some at home yoga.
  • Kiss, cuddle and play with the cats
  • Cook some good food and maybe bake something!

Simple, yet perfect

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