Sunday, 20 April 2014

Garden garland

Remember that i complained in this post how one of the corners in my garden looked so bare? Well now I've done something about it!

The first and easiest part was to just move the big pot with daffodils here. It didn't really fit in its old corner anyway, since I planted a tree there, so that was all good. And the blue and yellow matches the door of the shed and the pansies so nicely..

Secondly I made a simple pennant garland. I've saved this brightly patterned oilcloth for some outdoor-project for years now, and I still have plenty left. I'm thinking I'll at least make a tablecloth, but maybe something else too. Anyway, I made the garland by cutting out triangles, folding them over a piece of string and then sewing one seam. Simple! They flap around in the wind making little happy noises, so they add something both for the eyes and the ears. And that corner isn't so bare anymore! Mission accomplished.

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