Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday 7th of April

Oh man, it's April! When did that happen?

I've decided to put the "Best of this Monday"-posts on hold for a while. I just don't feel the need for them any more. I started doing them to start the week off on a positive note after a long and tired winter, but since I started dancing Lindy Hop, I actually look forward to Mondays. Now I come home from class with a smile on my face every week! So the list of my top three thing every Monday will probably just continue being:
1. Lindy Hop
2. the cats
3. Spring
... for a little bit longer, and that's just fine by me, but not so inspiring to write about. Maybe I'll start doing these posts again in fall, I don't know.

Today I've actually been googling the "Herräng Dance Camp" and considering if I should go. I'm definitely hooked on this dancing thing now, and it's all very strange after spending my childhood, teenage years and twenties with sports like tennis, soccer, kayaking and karate. Who knew I was a dancing kind of person? I always felt completely graceless.

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