Friday, 18 April 2014

my first DIY-dress project

OK, so that heading is actually a lie. I did try to sew a dress in fifth grade, but I never finished it... I still have it somewhere, actually.. I didn't really like the sewing classes we had in school ( except for when we got to make rag rugs - that was fun!) everything had to be done so carefully and well planned, with patterns and stuff... Honestly I'm still not very much for the planning part of sewing, if you don't count that I think about it a lot. It's the preparation part I usually just skip. You know, measuring and such. Which usually isn't really a problem because so far my only venture in to sewing have been mending things, altering stuff and shorting curtains. Let's just say the scissors and straight seam is my friend, but I prefer my textile project being no-sew. Until now...

 I've been wanting to make a dress for myself for a while, plus I've been wanting to learn how to sew in a zipper, so I decided to make a test-dress so I could learn a bit and figure out the easiest way. The goal wasn't the perfect dress, but to learn a bit, and maybe come up with a plan for my next dress, the real thing (see how I already try to lower your expectation of the finished result?) Luckily I hoard fabric and other materials just in case I want to get creative, so I actually had both fabric and a zipper. I used an old curtain I bought on sale years ago because I thought the colors where so fun and happy.

I didn't have a pattern, so I used one of my dresses to get the shape and then pretty much just sew the back and front piece together.

Just to give an example pf how little planning went into this project... I didn't decide until after I actually had sewn the two pieces together on how or where i was going to attach the zipper... But I did! And now, after some googling, I know how! The result wasn't in any way perfect, but next time...

One of the hardest part of making this dress was actually keeping the cats away from the project. I had to shut them out of the room for most of the time, they are just too nosy and I'm too scared they will eat needles. 

After I had the whole dress in one piece I tried it on and yes, it fit. Not perfectly, but OK, I still feel pretty proud I have actually created a garment that I can wear, maybe not to work or so, but you know, in the garden? And I did all this in one day, I only hurt myself once and I only managed to sew two pieces that didn't belong together once too. 

In the end I added pockets and a little belt as well, just to break the pattern up up a bit. I still look like I should work at a carnival, but I'm fine with that. Next time I'll do the skirt part in another way, just to get a better shape, and I'll make the armholes and neckline bigger/deeper, so lessons learned. And now I can check that off my list.

Oh, by the way, if you're interested in dress-making check out this blog. Anna Neah is amazingly talented!


  1. Your dress came out so wonderfully! I absolutely love the fabric you picked, it's just so wonderfully fun and is perfect for spring!

  2. thanks! so glad you liked it :)