Thursday, 10 April 2014

the waiting game

So, last weekend me and E went to Plantasjen to buy some stuff for our gardens, and then I spent a couple of hours in the rain planting, pruning and cleaning. So. No I don't have anything left to do! At least not until thing actually starts to grow there, or i can get hold of some more suplies...looking back at my plans for the garden, I pretty much completed all the projects I can, for now. All I can do now is to wait for things to start growing and for the weather to get warmer so I can spend some time out there, relaxing. It's all good, I just feel a little impatient... and I need to control myself so I don't go out there and prune bushes to hard or dig up and move around plants in order to just create new tasks. 
Oh well, there is a couple of this left on my to do-list:

find a secondhand mirror for the backyard
remove algae from deck and wall
paint and mount a shelve on the wall
buy and plant a small tree (lilac)
get strawberries for the flower box
even out the flagstones
turn the compost
cover ugly plastic pots in burlap
plant potatoes
clean up and sand outdoor furniture
make some kind of bicycle stand (buy a bike...)
get a small bin for cat-poo
buy marigolds for flower-box
plant seeds
add compost to the garden bed
add some kind of light fixtures or candle-holders to the wall
change lamp in outdoor lighting

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