Friday, 2 May 2014

4 vintage dresses in one day

Last weekend had a vintage and seconhand theme... not only did I go on an "open garage"-walk with T to explore the yearly garage-sale day here in town but I also rediscovered this secondhand store really close to our house. It hasn't been opened for very long (actually it replaced another one that I used to visit all the time...) but it has really strange opening hours so I've never really checked it out. So I figured I'd have a look on my way to Breidablikk on Saturday. I put on this red vintage dress and my Moheda clogs and clomped away....

...and found three lovely dresses, that fitted almost perfectly and only cost 50 NOK each. One of them is new-ish (the green one) but I would guess that the blue one is from the 60s or 70s and the purple one I have no idea how old it is but it is a dirndl-dress, made in Germany. Fabulous!

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