Monday, 19 May 2014

Birthday on Facebook

So I don't use Facebook very often. I don't really like it. Mostly to keep track on invites to parties and such, chat a bit with my friend A and occasionally send a mail to a friend far away. But on one day every year I love Facebook, and that's on my birthday! Because, come on, who doesn't like to get that simple yet warming attention that a "Happy Birthday" from someone you didn't even think remembered who you are gives? I know it's really, really easy to just see that "XXX has a Birthday today, write something on their page" or whatever it says and then type a few letters, and that it doesn't mean all that much, but still. It's easy, but it would have been even easier to not write... I feel all warm inside, and maybe even more so from the messages from the least likely people. It's simple, but it still sweet, and I appreciate it!

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