Monday, 12 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 - my pick

If you read this and don't live in Europe - this wont make any sense... sorry!

Let me just start off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. I don't follow any of the qualification rounds we have either in Sweden or Norway and I hadn't hear a single one of the songs before the finals on Saturday. But I like to see the finals and how different the winners from each country are. And it's usually a good show. This year I actually didn't watch the full show, I went to bed before the voting was over, but I was really happy to wake up and finding out that Austria won. It was a good song, a great performance and a statement of tolerance that all these people voted for it. It wasn't my favorite of all the songs though, here's my pick for top 3:

1. Twin Twin /  Mostache (France)
This is the one song that I actually remembered the next day! And that's a good thing. Can be... It's catchy and the singer has beautiful hair.
2. Pollapönk - No Prejudice (Iceland)
Reminds me of the surf-punk that I listened to when I was 14, mixed with some OK Go. And it has a good message: "It's not trigonometry - inside we're the same"
3. The Common Linnets - Calm after the Storm (the Netherlands)
I very rarely listen to country. But I like the sound of this. It's calm and sweet, and the performance was professional.

On a side-note to all of this: Reading the comments on YouTube to some of these songs make me loose my faith in humanity... Some people... shouldn't be allowed to own a keyboard.

And then a bonus-song! My absolute favorite from last year. I don't care what anyone in the YouTube comments say, this is fabulous. Gives me chills!

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