Tuesday, 6 May 2014

we went to Paris

Guess what? I spent this weekend in Paris! I had some pre-written posts set up for the days I was gone, so my absence wouldn't be noticeable on the blog... anyway, two years ago, A gave me a trip to Paris as a birthday gift and this weekend we finally went. On our way to the airport bus I realized I had forgotten my camera, so A's camera phone had to do all of the documentation for this trip. Luckily his phone has a way, way better camera than mine...

 I've been to this lovely city several times before, but this was the first time we went there together. Since we both have seen most of the traditional sites and monuments, we decided to have a very casual weekend, just spending time together, walking around, eating good food, do some shopping and enjoy Paris in the spring. I had checked out a few restaurants and secondhand shops I wanted to seek out, but that was all the preparations we made. Turned out great!  

We left Stavanger early on May 1 and arrived in Montmartre at about lunchtime. We stayed at Terrass Hotel, which was good, and pretty close to Sacre Coeur and several nice restaurants. We spent that day mostly walking around or sitting outside drinking rosé wine looking at people. And eating crêpe... Nom.

On Friday we discovered le Marais and all of the boulangeries and boutiques. I made some great finds at Kiloshop. This chain of secondhand shops sell clothes by the kilo and don't have any changing rooms. I had to spend some time browsing, but left with two skirts, one dress and two blouses for about 30 euros in total. Then we ate eclairs...  

in the evening we walk over the Seine and ate dinner at a restaurant that had received great reviews on TripAdvisor, but I wasn't all that impressed, unfortunately. The evening walk through Quartier Latins, however, was lovely. 

On Saturday the weather was sunny but windy and we spent the day walking in the Tuileries Garden, up and down Champs-Elysee's and my favorite: the 4,5 km long Promenade Plantee, built on an old elevated railway track. Calm and beautiful.

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