Saturday, 14 June 2014

A little piece of polyester heaven...

A pant suit. Who doesn't want a baby blue, flower-patterned, sleeve-less pant suit? In polyester? I kind of regret I didn't buy this set that I tried on at charity shop Kia the other weekend. I just couldn't motivate it, since I couldn't find a single situation where I would wear it, and I definitely don't need another hard worn garment in my wardrobe. I do tend to pick up pieces because they look unique and fun, and then end up never wearing them... The matching set and the double buttoning made me think of a uniform, maybe a nurse outfit or some fancy air hostess from the 70s. I could have bought the top and wear as some kind of tunic/dress but I didn't want to break up such a lovely set... Just another proof that if you want to find something no one else have, you should go to a second hand store.

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