Thursday, 19 June 2014

easy-peasy dinner tip

One food item we always have in our fridge is salmon fillets. There's nothing easier to cook with! Even easier than chicken fillets, because they taste better on their own, in my opinion. Plus fish is good for you, Omega-3 and whatnot. Anyway. If we don't know what to have for dinner we often end up eating salmon, in one variation or the other. Pesto-salmon, Feta-cheese and bell-pepper salmon, plain salmon with lemon-pepper... This time I mashed some feta-cheese cubes with the oil they came in and put on top. Served with rise and a cold sauce made of yogurt and sweet-chili sauce. Prep time, 2 minutes (sauce included), oven-time 20 minutes. Served with rice. Done, and yum.

It tastes even better if you follow this up with the Swedish classic dessert Marräng Swiss - vanilla ice cream, banana, meringue and chocolate-sauce. Also incredibly easy. Just do it.

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