Thursday, 12 June 2014

TV is also a hobby

So, I've just discovered another awesome British TV-series. I might have mentioned my love for Doctor Who before, and this weekend Netflix kindly suggested Misfits for me ( after I'd watched the full new season of OITNB in three days). Now I'm in the middle of the second season and I'm hooked. Unfortunately some ill advised googling/pinteresting/imdbing have made me realize that I might not like season 3-5 as much. But we'll see.

Also, I'm starting to feel some serious Buffy withdrawal, but I think I need to save re-watching this (my favorite series of all times) until later this year. Buffy is such a fall series. Anyway, I still need to catch up on Supernatural season 9 and I need to re-see season 1-3 of Sherlock pretty soon. Let's just say that if I find something I like I have no problem what so ever with watching/reading/listening to it over and over again. Quality can handle repetition!

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