Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I read, I listen

This trip I've been reading one book and listening to another. (Audio-books are great ways to tune out the sound of an hard working AC, just so you know...)

Read: The last four things, by Paul Hoffman
This is the second book about Thomas Cale, the Hand of God. It is a classic  fantasy book, with a plot focusing in religious fanaticism and war, you know, uplifting things like that. In this second book I started liking the characters more, but I still think the language is overly complicated sometimes. Still, exciting and worth reading.

Listened to: The ocean at the end of the lane, by Neil Gaiman
This was a beautiful story, a man suddenly remembers fantastic and terrible things that happened to him one summer when he was seven. There's loads of magic, wonder and moonlight in this book, so worth reading. And in my opinion, even better to listen to, since it is Neil himself that has recorded it.

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