Thursday, 31 July 2014


Usually when we travel for longer than a few days we've had the cats in a kennel. Their stay there have never been longer than a week and we have chosen what we believe is the best one, where the cage they are in have access to an outdoor "balcony" so that they get some variation. But still, I have hated leaving them there... Last time, Hugo lost a bit of wight, and the first time he got a stomach bug just the day he came home, probably from something he picked up from the kennel.

So for this vacation we decided to try something new. We didn't want to burden any if our friends for such a long time, a week, because they still help us so often when we are away over a weekend, so we took the help of a professional pet-sitter company! These people have been to our house, once a day, and fed and played with the cats, while we've been travelling. While Hugo (who is a real chicken) probably haven't benefited as much as he could from the playing part, I'm sure cricket has enjoyed the company, and best of all, they haven't been forced to go in a car and stay locked up in a cage. Such a relief. Every other day we have reviewed reports by email on how the cats have been doing (Hugo have mostly been hiding when they have visited) complete with photos of them (yes, a photo of Hugo among the dust bunnies under the bed...). They have also emptied our mailbox and watered our house plants, and watering the garden without me even asking for it! I'm so happy we found this service, it definitely helped me relax more when we were away...

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