Monday, 7 July 2014

planning for my vacation

This year I have about three weeks of summer vacation, starting five days from today! Two out of these three weeks are now planned (one week in Croatia, one in Sweden) but the vacation begins with me having one whole unplanned week here in Stavanger, when A still works. There's a significant risk that if I don't make any plans, I will end up spending this week sleeping, binge-watching Netflix and eating candy. While there's nothing wrong with that in general (that's what i spend most of my spare-time doing after all) I would like to fill this precious time with something more substantial. So here's a list to take inspiration from if I get bored or restless!

to do - if it rains

  • have a movie marathon in the couch - Harry Potter or X-men?
  • Paint the coffee table
  • Cook something from my Eat and Drink Pinterest board 
  • paint a portrait
  • Watch Frozen ( haven't seen it)
  • write letters
  • Take care of my indoor plants 
  • Build a playground for the cats
  • go to the movies (Yves Sainr Laurent?)
  • read a book
  • write a book
  • Try out my new foam rollers
  • bake
  • Watch the Great Gatsby
  • plan birthday presents for A
  • alter and mend the clothes in the "to fix"-pile
  • reorganize the hallway, find better storage solutions (go to IKEA?)

to do - because I have time for it

  • clean my make up brushes
  • sort out my magazines
  • clean out the bathroom cabinett
  • sort out the mess in our closet
  • Organize the shed
  • Clean the upstairs carpet
  • set up a training routine for after the vacation, book a session with a PT
  • organize papers
  • iron everything

to do - because it's summer

  • go fishing
  • bring a book and read by the sea
  • ride the bike to Sola beach
  • pack for my trips
  • go diving
  • replace some of the overblown flowers in the garden

to do - to spoil myself

  • spend a day at a Spa
  • have a glass of rosé wine in the garden
  • buy a  new pair of flip-flops and a bikini
  • take long walks with friends
  • sleep late and cuddle with the cats
  • take a daytrip to Kristiansand and go to the Zoo
  • buy a  pair of prescription sunglasses

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  1. Kristine Hanasand7 July 2014 at 22:08

    Masse kjekke ting å finne på :) Husk at Elida og jeg er hjemme hvis du kjeder deg en dag ;)