Thursday, 24 July 2014

summer food inspiration

For someone who claims to not like cooking I do write an awful lot about food, don't I? Honestly, I feel that if I post about it here, I might get an incentive to actually cook more...

Anywho, here's another post about how to make a super simple dinner, or actually, two variations on the same theme: chicken and "salad".

When it comes to salad, less is more, in my book. I like my vegetables easily identifiable and separated from each other, preferably. This dish, a ready-marinated chicken-filet from the store was grilled and the served with cucumber and a bunch of different tomatoes that I picked up from the farmers market at Utstein Monastery earlier this week. The sauce is yogurt mixed with Heinz BBQ-sauce, perfect for grilled meet, obviously. 

This pale looking dish might look kind of standard to begin with, but is actually a bit more exotic that you might think. The yellow stuff is actually yellow beets, like red beets but, you know, yellow, and after I boiled them I baked them in the oven for a while with some halloumi cheese on top. Yum! The chicken is marinated in what was left in on of those glass jars with feta cheese, oil and various herbs. pretty good! Could have used a bit more salt though...

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