Friday, 18 July 2014

work in progress

I've now had my summer vacation for five days, if you don't count the weekend. And, well, I'm not reeeeeally in a vacation-mode yet, I don't think. I have checked quite a few things off from my list of things that I could do if I got bored, but they have mostly been stuff that have felt like shores! I have done a huge amount of laundry and ironing, and I have started a complicated project to re-organize the whole house, where furniture have been moved from one room to another, with the result that it looks more disorganized just now, and honestly just a bit more boring... and today I spent the whole day by the sewing-machine, altering and mending clothes. My plan was to get rid of all of those hard-work things on my to-do list first, so I could relax afterwards, but now I kind of just see my precious free days go by. Oh, well, I have many days left, and days where I can't do anything at home, because I will be traveling!

One of the things I've been working on here at home is the installing of a "new" book-case. I want it to look kind of airy and not jam-packed, but we have so many books.. right now I have left the actual "decorating" of it until I get some more inspiration and have pretty much just stuffed all of the books back in...


  1. Oh my goodness I love the little plant pots! I have the same struggle, wanting some open areas on shelves but also having things to store. I find it more practical to periodically get rid of things rather than keep buying more shelves :p but then I see cute new shelves and think "Oh..."

  2. haha! I now just what you mean! It is a bit of a struggle though, when it's not only your own things you want to get rid off...