Sunday, 10 August 2014

DIY globe re-design, a world of gold!

A couple of years ago I felt the need to buy a globe. Maybe it was an acknowledgement of the fact that my acquaintance with world geography isn't as good as I would like it to be, or maybe I just thought that our living-room needed a big sphere with a map on it, I don't know. But I bought one, and placed it on our glass-cabinet, a central spot in the room. Problem was - I never liked it. I didn't think it fitted in with the rest of our stuff and, well, it was just a bit boring.

Not as glamorous and reminiscent of travel and exploration as I wanted it too. I longed for a globe looking something like thisthis or this. Something that would catch your eye while not being too cluttered, if you know what I mean.

Instead of getting rid of it I planned a global makeover (hehe) and the other day I took the plunge, without really knowing how it would turn out. To my aid I had some blackboard paint and golden varnish. And to calm you guys down who think I intended to destroy a vintage globe - this was just an old looking reproduction (from Kremmerhuset).

The gold-varnish was quite transparent to begin with, and at some places you can still see through it, but I don't really mind. And if I feel like it and can draw on the seas with chalk... Obviously I didn't get all the shorelines and tiny islands correct, and yes I did skip a couple of the smaller islands, so it's not as functional as before. But much, much prettier. 

After I was all done I updated the decor on top of the glass-cabinet to work even better with the gold and black of my "new" globe and I must say I'm really pleased with the result.

World-lamp from Ã…hlens (old), the "Saving Gotham City" poster - a gift from my best friend L, the Tim Burton book - gift from A, photo from photographer Hilda Grahnat in vintage frame, vintage mirror and vases from Fretex. 

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