Monday, 11 August 2014

five years in Stavanger

I don't remember the actual date we moved here, but it was in the beginning of August 2009, which means that we celebrate five years in Norway these days! I wouldn't have thought about it hadn't it been for the fact that A came home with a bouquet of flowers from his work, congratulating him on working there for five years. That's a nice gesture!

Some days I can't believe it has been this long, and some days it feels like I lived here forever. Here's what it looked like the first weeks when we had moved here, still living in a hotel because the container of our stuff hadn't arrived and we did't have the keys to our apartment:

I took a year off from working as an architect after leaving my job in Sweden, and decided to study art- and architecture history at the University of Stavanger. That was a great decision, but I felt a bit old compared to the other first year students...

We moved in to our nice and airy apartment on the tiny island Grasholmen a bridge away from the city center. 

I was blond and has short hair. Odd. 

I met T & E for the first time at a BBQ!

And I hung out with some other exchange students, mostly four nurse-students from Canada.  They made me realize I like Canadians. Here we are on a hike. 

And Stavanger showed itself from its pretty side. 

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