Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hugo's spot

We've been doing a bit of a furniture shuffle here in the house over the summer. A couple of new pieces have moved in and some other have been forces to find new homes within our home. I'm not all done with this project that turned out larger than I anticipated, even though the changes in themselves have been kind of small. The plan was to add more practical storage and at the same time update, clean out and get rid of some stuff that hid in all of these cabinets and drawers in our tiny house. 

Anyway. One of the places that got a "new" piece of furniture was the up-stair hallway, in the corner that is the first thing that you see when you walk up the stairs. This is Hugo's spot, and he used to lay on top of the small drawer-unit that stood here before, but it had the wrong dimensions and always felt a bit out of place. As we bought some new stuff for the downstairs hallway we moved this bright turquoise piece from there upstairs and it works so much better. Hugo doesn't seem to mind, actually I think he prefers it since he now has more space to sprawl on.

I decorated with some candle-holders and a vase in the same color-family as the drawer-unit but when it came to the artwork I wanted something more neutral as a contrast, so i chose a painting with a Gothenburg-motif that I'm borrowing from my dad. It still has some details that picks up the green-blue so I think it work great. And the frame matches Hugo's fur perfectly...

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