Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer vacation 2014, recap

Today I started working again, after 3 weeks and 3 days of vacation. Oh well. Looking at the list I did before the vacation started I'd say I got pretty much done, and if I get bored any time soon I still have some things left to do...

to do - if it rains
  • have a movie marathon in the couch - Harry Potter or X-men?
  • Paint the coffee table
  • Cook something from my Eat and Drink Pinterest board 
  • paint a portrait
  • Watch Frozen ( haven't seen it)
  • write letters
  • Take care of my indoor plants 
  • Build a playground for the cats
  • go to the movies (Yves Sainr Laurent?)
  • read a book
  • write a book
  • Try out my new foam rollers
  • bake
  • Watch the Great Gatsby
  • plan birthday presents for A
  • alter and mend the clothes in the "to fix"-pile
  • reorganize the hallway, find better storage solutions (go to IKEA?)

to do - because I have time for it
  • clean my make-up brushes
  • sort out my magazines
  • clean out the bathroom cabinett
  • sort out the mess in our closet
  • Organize the shed
  • Clean the upstairs carpet
  • set up a training routine for after the vacation, book a session with a PT
  • organize papers
  • iron everything

to do - because it's summer
  • go fishing
  • bring a book and read by the sea
  • ride the bike to Sola beach
  • pack for my trips
  • go diving
  • replace some of the overblown flowers in the garden

to do - to spoil myself

  • spend a day at a Spa
  • have a glass of rosé wine in the garden
  • buy a  new pair of flip-flops and a bikini
  • take long walks with friends
  • sleep late and cuddle with the cats
  • take a daytrip to Kristiansand and go to the Zoo
  • buy a  pair of prescription sunglasses

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