Saturday, 9 August 2014

Swedish Summer of 2014

As usual I spent one week in Sweden over the summer. This time I crammed in meeting as much friends and family as possible, except I had to save my brother for when I visit him in September. Anyway. It felt good hanging out with mom, dad, my grandparents, A's whole family and some of his relatives plus four different friends that I spend a whole lot of time missing. Thinking back, I can't really understand how I managed to experience so much in only seven days.

I got to visit the little community where my grandmother grew up, I went on a roller coaster, I jumped from 6 meters into a warm sea and I went shopping with mom, but still there was time to help her clean her flooded cellar a bit.

I lost a new necklace and found it again and made plans for friends to visit us here in Norway. I picked a bouquet of flowers, I ate some of my childhoods favorite dishes and I bough two pair of fabulous shoes.

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