Thursday, 18 September 2014

Good morning

My (not really daily but...) morning routine consist of me waking up, preparing a smoothie, going for 20 minute run/jog, taking a shower and then relaxing in front of a good tv-show on Netflix for 30-40 minutes with my smoothie, breakfast muffin and a nice big cup of tea, before getting ready for work.  It is a pretty awesome way to start a day, and I'm super happy I only have a 10 minute walk to work so I can do all this without having to wake up before I actually go to bed...

I've been posting about my favorite tea-types before, but now I've tried a new one: Pukka - Cleanse!

I didn't really buy this one for its cleansing properties, but once again I was tempted by the fennel... this is a great morning tea, with just the right amount of freshness thanks to the peppermint. 

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