Sunday, 21 September 2014

Luxury Friday in Stockholm

So. Back in May when I had my birthday my beloved A gave me this fabulous gift - a personal vintage shopping-day with Elsa Billgren. Elsa is a well known vintage-profile in Sweden, both when it comes to clothes, but also in decorating interiors with vintage finds. She has built her own company starting with her blog, but is also a tv-host, she has written two books and she rents out vintage wedding dresses and well, you can book a date with her as you guide in the vintage clothes jungle in Stockholm, as I did on Friday.

I have red her blog since 2009, it was actually the first blog I started to follow, and I admire her for many reasons, like how she promotes sustainable consumption, and the fact that she has sort of made her own career up based on her interest and passions. And, I am happy to say, she is as inspiring in person as she come across on her blog, and a truly pleasant person to be around. I had a great time, and she had dug out some really fabulous clothes at Beyond Retro in Zinkensdam where we started our day. I had a blast trying out dresses from the 50s, 60s,70s and 80s and ended up buying a bunch of stuff. I have planned for this for a while, and since good vintage is really hard to find in Stavanger I took the opportunity to treat myself.

four 60s and one 80s dress, plus a beret and a 60s blouse was the result from the trip to Beyond Retro

I didn't buy anything at Judith's second hand, but I tried that lovely cardigan on... I just can't convince myself to buy stuff with fur though.
Here's a glimpse of my guide and one of the owners of Uppåt Väggarna where Elsa found me a very wearable skirt and an awesome shawl. 

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