Monday, 22 September 2014

Stockholm weekend, Häringe and Dalarö

Not only did I do some spectacular vintage shopping on my trip to Stockholm this weekend, I also got to spend some quality time with M&S. After a tip from another of my favorite vintage bloggers, Emma, we decided to explore a flea-market at Häringe castle on the Saturday. A castle flea-market seemed to good to miss, but we were not all that impressed when we got there. I found a couple of small things, but most fun was to explore the eclectic surroundings of this castle-now-turned hotel. 

When we had tired of Häringe, and couldn't find a good place there to have a cup of coffee, we continued to Dalarö, where we found a great place to do so. This is such a picturesque place, and the weather was perfect for leisurely strolling around, looking at pretty houses and gardens. And gates.

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