Monday, 22 September 2014

this week

Hello Monday!
I'm right in the middle of two veeeery hectic and exhausting weeks. Too much to do at work travelling included and many fun things in between that don't get all the attention I want to give the due to lack of time and energy. True to my nature, I end up spending the little unplanned time I have curled up in the sofa with the cats, watching TV-series, eating junk food and candy. But that's fine, I will back in to my usual schedule again next week (with some new interesting additions - I tell you later). Plus it will all get better when A returns from his two weeks away on swim-trekking + work course.

For me, it always helps to make lists out of things when I feel overwhelmed, then the feeling of "Aaaargh! I have so much to dooo" gets more manageable, So here's a summary of the coming week in list-form:

Go to work
Drop off dresses at dry cleaners
Book a taxi
Pack an overnight-bag

Fly to Bergen for meetings (don't forget drawings, iPad and charger)
Bring home-spa items so I can relax in the hotel! Maybe it has a bathtub...
Call Grandad

Meetings all day in Bergen, fly back to Stavanger
Hang out with the cats
Pack weekend-bag, with wedding-clothes for me and A (NB: not our wedding)
Go to the office and print some drawings for Thursday meeting
Book a taxi

Start day with meeting in Forus
Rest of the day, workshop at the office with new client
Pick up dry-cleaning
Mend the "new" green dress for wedding
Go to the BATS-play with E&T

Start day with meetings in Forus
Go home a bit early if possible?
Cuddle with the cats
Fly to Gothenburg, stay at moms house

Meet up A in Gothenburg
Lunch with dad?
Wedding in Öckerö

fly back to Stavanger
cuddle with A and the cats.

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