Monday, 6 October 2014

give me something to blog about

(For those of you who are well versed in the Buffyverse you surely recognize where I stole that headline from, right?)

This little blog of mine have suffered from neglect lately. It's actually not that I don't have stuff to blog about, but I've been too busy and/or too tired to blog. And unorganized. I'm slowly getting back in to my regular routine, so I hope this will change soon. Until then, since I really liked doing it last week: here's my schedule for this one! Not as much travelling - hopefully much more activity.

go for a short run
work - I have several set meetings on Mondays so it's a busy day
Lindy Hop!

short morning workout
work - need to get some drawings done and delivered
post-yoga dinner with E&T at our place

short morning run again
(A will take Cricket to the vet for a check-up)
work - another day spent in front of Revit probably. I like that.
do some errands in town
group-workout with PT

meetings in Bergen the whole day. Plane leaves at eight, and I'm back home at five, I hope.
Relax and hang out with the cats.

morning run, if I feel like it
work - a few informal meetings, nothing big
restorative yoga,,, best thing

Satuday and Sunday
I'm getting started with a new hobby I'll tell you more about later this week...

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