Sunday, 19 October 2014

grown up Sunday

One thing I've noticed since I began with the pretty busy week-schedule I have, with activities almost every evening, is the importance of Sundays... I use Saturdays to recover from the past week and Sundays to prepare for the coming one. This usually means that on Saturdays I do nothing, except watching Netflix, eat candy and maybe go for a short shopping trip, but in a way I like Sundays even more. That's when I do all of the stuff I didn't have time for or prioritized during the week, like doing the laundry, mending clothes and do the dishes. Things that take some time, but with an exciting audio-book in my ears feel totally OK to do. I also try, like today, to prepare extra food, for example my breakfast muffins, and hang out some outfits to chose from during the week, to simplify my morning routines. I'm basically a teenager all week, trying to avoid cleaning and cooking but on Sundays I turn into a middle aged home-maker and do everything at once. 

Last week I was so busy with the roller derby boot-camp that I didn't have time to do any of those things during the weekend, and that resulted in me skipping both yoga and the gym-session with the RD-gang later in the week, just because I felt too unprepared... silly, I know, but that's how I work. Fortunately I redeemed myself today, so bring it on new week! I even took the time to sort out my workout clothes to remove yet another excuse for not going to any of my activities. If I hadn't just burned my muffins I'd call this day a complete success... 


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