Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 in review and New Year's Resolutions for 2015 (or "oh how I love a nice list!")

I have decided that the new year officially starts on Monday, when I get back to work. Until then I'm preparing, like cleaning and de-cluttering the house, making plans for the spring and so on. I did actually work for four hours yesterday, but I was alone at the office and could focus on stuff like cleaning my desk, sorting papers and generally do things I didn't have time for before Christmas. It felt pretty good, all in the spirit of preparing for the new year.

I have decided to continue with last years plan - not exactly having a new years resolution, but several goals with the year.

These were the goals I had for 2014:
  1. Cook more good food
    We started the year off good here, ended on a lazier note...
  2. Go out dancing more often
    Heck yeah! I started dancing Lindy Hop once a week so I'd definitely say I accomplished this one, although maybe not in the way I first imagined
  3. Be able to do 30 push-ups
    I was, for a while during spring... not now so much
  4. Spend more time with friends
    I want to become even better at this!
  5. Use my pretties shoes more often
    Yes, I think I did
  6. Try something new
    Lindy Hop and Roller Derby, check!
  7. Buy more organic food
    I need to try harder here, even though I think it's harder here in Norway than it was in Sweden... Where are the organic bananas!?
  8. Spend less money, save more
    Not sure actually what the end result is, but I plan to continue 
  9. Invite friends home more often
    No, want to change this!
  10. Paint, sketch and create stuff more
    Not really, no. Too bad.
  11. Start doing yoga
    Yes! Check.
  12. Drink more water and less coffee
    Hmm. Maybe? At least more tea at work.
  13. Play more with the cats
    I'd say I can never do enough of this.
  14. Paint my nails more
    Yes, but they are still in horrible condition. 
  15. Go on more long walks
    Yes! At least for the first part of the year, and them I always walk to Lindy Hop and Roller Derby practices. 
So in total, 6 yes-es, 2 no-s and 7 sort of-s. Not too bad, after all! So, no more lookinig back, here are my goals for 2015! Nicely sorted into categories...

Three new experiences I want to have during 2015
Go to Herräng Dance camp
Go to a Metallica concert
Visit New York

Three New skills I want to learn
how to sit in lotus position (Sukhasana)
master the derby stop (and honestly all of the other RD minimum skills)
taking better pictures with my DSLR

Three New habits to aim for
stop snoozing
floss every now and then
spend less money on unnecessary things

Three health-related things I should do
by new glasses, and contacts if possible
go to the dentist, juts for a check up
get at new "house-doctor", since my last one quit

Fun things I want to do more often
read (actually read, not listen to) books
invite friends home
play with the cats

Bring it on 2015!

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