Sunday, 18 January 2015

House improvement plans of 2015

When we first bought this house I imagined that I would spend loads of time finding creative new ways of placing the furniture, playing around with lights and fabrics and moving around painting on the walls every now and then, just to keep things interesting. In reality, I feel pretty uninspired by our home right now. It. Is. So. Small. And whatever I do it feels crowded. I mean I love this house, it is as perfect for us as I could hope to find in the middle of Stavanger (it has a garden!) but there isn't really room to be as playful as I hoped. Once we figured out the most space efficient way to place our furniture changing it feels just stupid, and I really should get rid of more things rather than buying new stuff. We don't really want to crowd the walls and windows with curtains, and the lack of electrical outlets minimizes what we can do with lamps and lighting. Plus, we don't know how long we will live here, so our will to invest isn't huge... Still. I have a few projects I want to have fun with in the house this year, both as an creative outlet, but mostly maybe because there are some areas that can be improved.

Curtain solution for the wardrobe
The sloping ceiling in the bedroom plus uneven floors makes sliding doors to our wardrobe impossible, and the cats has destroyed the panel curtains we used there before, so something new needs to be put up here.

Lamp in the stairway?
We are hoping to install some new wall outlets at the same time as we do some upgrading of the rest of the electrical solutions here at home. I'm planing for a new one in the staircase, that could be a nice place for something a bit more spectacular than practical...

Bedroom update
This is one of the rooms that I am the least happy with, but I'm not really sure what to do about it yet. Due to lack of space and the need for a lot of storage space for our clothes all solutions in here has to be space efficient...

Restyling bookshelves
The room we spend the most time in is our living room/dining room/entertainment room. It is already a pretty nice room, but a bit cluttered and filled with furniture, and I'm hoping that an effort to rearrange things in the bookshelves in here will clean the space up a bit.

The upper hallway
What to do here?? It is a tiny space, and right now we just have a desk here we can't really use for anything because there are no wall outlets for lamps, computers or sewing machines... I need to have a plan here...

See, nothing big. There is of course some other small, more boring project that needs to be done, like buying skirting for a couple of the walls in the kitchen, tiling the wall over the kitchen counter (if I can find the tiles I want!) and painting the door to the back yard, hopefully all of these little things will get done during the year.

We have made a few small upgrades here at home lately, though.

New ceiling lamps in the kitchen. We've been looking for ages, and finally found something we liked in a very unlikely place - Claes Olson. So much more light in here now, plus the stainless steel look goes well with our kitchen  appliances. 

Our new carpet under the sofa table comes from Åhlèns. I like it.

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