Tuesday, 20 January 2015

upcoming events!

Best way to start a new year? Start planning and book fun things to do! In January especially I need stuff to look forward to, everything is so dark and gloomy and Christmas and the holidays are over... here's a few things I plan to do this spring, a lot more than usual, now that I see it all lined up like this.

spring in Bergen 2011
Not much left of this the first month, but tomorrow is my first dance class of the year, and that will be fun! This semester I'm going to start taking some tap-dance classes too, that will be interesting... who new i would be come a dance person!? So unexpected!
Also, for some reason I keep forgetting that we're going to Bergen for a weekend getaway. The Amazing A got a ticket to a humor show there so we're making a mini Holiday out of it. 

Afternoon tea in London 2013
I'm spending a long weekend with a couple of my best friends in London! On Tuesday we're going to start planning what to actually do there...
I'm also going to a dance camp in Oslo in February, along with a friend from my Lindy hop class. I'm hoping to learn a lot, dance a lot and meet nice new people.

Not much planned here yet, but I might go on a weekend trip with my dad... still planning this though.
Plus we're going to a Top Gear show here in Stavanger, me and A! We both love the show, so this will be fun.

Stockholm in November 2013
The Easter month brings some time off from work, but also a trip to Stockholm with my colleagues. Interesting!

This month begins with a wedding in Gothenburg, and then there's my birthday, Good stuff.

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